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Selected Contributions


D.R.K.Brownrigg and C.Brownrigg; Ch.8, pp65-75 

AMPS Proceedings Series 20.1 Connections: Exploring Heritage 

Ed. Howard Griffin; ISSN 2398-9467 (2021) 

D.R.K.Brownrigg and C.Brownrigg 

Built Environments and Inhabitants: Transformed and Renewed 

Amps CONNECTIONS: Exploring Heritage, Architecture, Cities, Art Media 

University of Kent (School of Architecture) 29-30 June 2020

(video at

C.Brownrigg & D.R.K.Brownrigg;  

Abstraction Using Mixed Global Transforms: Art and Aids to Art;

Transactions Imaging/Art/Science: Image Quality, Content and Aesthetics; 

RPS, IET, RIT, University of Westminster; 26 April 2019

D.R.K.Brownrigg; Photographs to Computer Art Via Transform Space and Digital Filters;

Royal Photographic Society DIGIT, No. 62, 24-27, (Issue 3, 2014) › media › digit-06

D.R.K.Brownrigg and C.I.Brownrigg; Image Processing in Computer Art; Proc. 9th. Eurographics UK Conf., Sheffield, (1991)


Generation of Representative Members of a RrSst Weighted Median Filter Class; IEE Proc., 133, Pt.F, No.5, 445-448, (1986)


The Weighted Median Filter; Comm.A.C.M. 27, No.8, 807-818, (1984)


Lattice Partitions with a Straight Line; Canad.Math.Bull., 29(3), 287-293, (1986)

R.W.Hockney and D.R.K.Brownrigg;

Effect of Population II Stars and Three Dimensional Motion on Spiral Structure; Mon.Not.Roy.Astr.Soc. 167, 351-357, (1974)

D.R.K.Brownrigg and W.L.Wood;

Deformation of Tunnel Lining with Variable Ground Reaction;

Proc.I.C.E. Pt.2, 1-7, (1973)

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